3 Things I learned As A Fashion Designer In The Industry

What are three things I learned as a fashion designer in the industry?

After 10+ years of designing, these are few of the many things that I learned that most aspiring designers are not aware of. I remember being young and naive thinking that once I become a designer, I will just be designing couture gowns for the 10% of the population, where in fact, it's the total opposite. Not to say that your dream into becoming the next Coco Chanel, Christian Dior or Valentino cannot be real. It's just very unlikely or to put into plain terms, you'd have to be the exception to the rule; therefore, you must learn these 3 things in order to adapt on how to design for the rest of the 90% of the world.

Hope you found this helpful and you can apply this in your design career!

Cheering You On,


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