3 Ways How To Shine In The Fashion Industry

If you just got out of school or just finished your design portfolio and you're dreading to go on that interview, I got you! Here's three ways you can shine in that interview and leave a lasting impression.

I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've gotten a job from a position that I didn't apply for because of that one interview that I went to. It happened to me 3x!!! The current job I have now and love as a Social Dress Designer was not the job I actually applied for but because my boss now felt that she saw how much passion I had for social dresses and she loved my energy, she gave me the Social Dress Designer job that ended opening up after my interview for designing out of office clothing!

So let yourself shine every time you go on an interview even though you may or may not love the job that you're interviewing for!

Cheering You On,


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