5 FREE Fashion Designer Cover Letter Templates

Updated: Sep 8

Hey there!

Ever wondered what to write when writing to your potential boss or applying for your dream job? I am sharing 5 Editable Cover Letter Templates for Fashion Designers! Remember, a cover letter should be sweet and short. It should be direct to the point. Let them know these 7 major important things:

  1. Why you're the best at what you do & why they should hire you

  2. Your experience & your strengths

  3. What you have to offer and what you'll bring into the table once you get the job

  4. Your availability

  5. How they can contact you

  6. Your amazing portfolio ----> nowadays, having an online portfolio is best!

  7. Let them know your excitement for the opportunity & you're looking forward to speaking with them!

Alright, if you'd like to grab these freebies, here's the downloadable link from canva and edit away! https://www.canva.com/design/DAFKvh65vFI/7BOsm_JDqEgP-6sLB8Kf-w/edit?layoutQuery=cover+letter

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