Different Design Markets

As a designer, it's important to know the different kinds of market that you'll be designing into. If you're a newbie or an aspiring designer, it's really important to know what each design market entails. So that once you get in the industry and you're looking for a job and you ask your interviewee more about their brand, you would have an idea what designs they're looking for. Not only you'd know what they're talking about, you can also give them suggestions on what the latest trends right now are and what they should be showing and why you'd be the perfect designer for their collection. Therefore, without further ado, here are the different design markets that you could possibly dabble in once you get in the garment industry.

Hope this design market overview helped you figure out each market and who exactly their target customer is. If you'd like to practice and figure out who you'd like your target customer would be, check out my Aspiring Designers Success Kit and do the Design Market Assignment make your own customer profiles!

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