I'm Joy and I'm your Designer BFF!

Hello fashionistas!

I am so glad that you stumbled upon my fashion blog in the internet where I get to talk about fashion endlessly - how to get in the industry, some tips and tricks (not only how to become a fashion designer but also how to thrive and succeed in this ultra competitive and intimidating world!)

In here, there will be NO BS, will get straight to the point on what the reality is behind the fashion and garment industry. Often times, I realized that we only hear and know about famous runway, couture designers and brands like Marc Jacobs, Valentino, Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Balenciaga, Rodarte but those designers belong in the 10% of the design world where they design for the millionaires and billionaires of this world.

What about the 90% that makes up the rest of the designers that work in the manufacturing business? Corporate world? Garment Industry? Everyday stores that you shop at such as Nordstroms, Dillards, TJ Maxx, Rosss, Target, Macy's, JC Penney, Forever 21?

Have you ever wondered who are the designers behind these brands? Or the everyday clothes that you wear? Well, if you have no idea who these people are and what they actually do - it is my pleasure to introduce you to real life fashion designers that work in the corporate world so that you can buy a shirt, pants and a dress while you're walking inside the mall or browsing in the internet.

In addition, I will be sharing countless tips and tricks on what designers do to be successful and thrive in the industry, behind the scenes on our day to day tasks, how to get in the industry, resume and cover letter templates, how to prepare for your first job interview and if you have what it takes in order to be a fashion designer.

If anybody has told you that being a fashion designer is all about partying & runways shows, that person either is a millionaire or working for the 10% of fashion design world and this is not what this blog is about. Here at Made With Joy, we will show you the ropes how to work hard and smart, what you need in order to succeed and thrive --- and if this is the life that you actually want to live as a fashion designer.

Often times when I catch up with my classmates from fashion school, I noticed that 8 out of 10 of my old colleagues are no longer industry. They are either burnt out, felt that this wasn't the right career for them, fell out of love and passion for the industry or simply grew to despise the garment industry. Often times, I am told that "this isn't what they expected it to be" or they felt that "even after going to private Fashion school, they aren't fully prepared for the industry" or they simply felt that they "didn't have the support or enough knowledge that they needed" so they've decided to call it quits!

Stories like these break my heart because that means after dedicating their lives for about 2-4 years in a private college and having $50,000+ in debt and investing about 3-7 years in the industry, they have chosen to give up the dream they once had.

It is my goal to teach you what you need to thrive as a fashion designer, to show you the ropes and take you under my wing and show you the reality of our industry. Now I know this sounds scary and I'm not here to scare you - I am just here to show you the truth and you can decide whether this is the life you want to live and make that choice for yourself after knowing full well what you're getting yourself into!

I'd hate to see you be one out of my 8/10 colleagues and be in thousands of debts and quit on your dream. If after hanging around here, you've decided that this isn't the life you want, then I'll be glad to know that I saved one person from making a wrong career choice for theirselves and you can gladly walk away. However, if you still decide to pursue your dream to be a fashion designer, I'll be happy to see you grow and help you in every step you take ---- whether you're still in high school figuring out if you really want to pursue this, or you're in the middle of changing careers and you do not know where to begin or you're already in college and you're not sure how to land your first job or maybe you're already a seasoned fashion designer but you feel stuck and you're not sure how to thrive in our industry.

If any of these sound like you, it will be my pleasure to help you, guide you and be your Designer BFF!



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