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hey you!

I'm Joy, Your Designer BFF!

I help aspiring designers (who don’t know where to start) learn about the fashion industry. I’m currently a social dress designer with 10+ years of experience designing for different private labels from Nordstroms, Dillards, Macy’s, TJ Maxx, Kohl's etc.


I know for a fact that the fashion industry can be insanely cut

throat and intimidating.....

Any of these sound familiar?

- I want to be a fashion designer but I have no idea where to begin...

- Do I need to go to college in order to be a designer?

    If so, which one?

- How can I get experience if I just graduated from school &  

nobody wants to hire me because I have no experience?

- I don’t know how to sketch or sew. Do I need to learn all of that?

- What do fashion designers even do on the daily? Is it all about

glamour and fashion shows? What's their schedule like?

- I just switched careers and I don’t know where to start. Help, please!

- How can I enhance my skills as a designer and stay competitive?

If you have asked any of these questions,I got answers for you!

I was in your exact same shoes many many years ago and I know exactly how frustrating & overwhelming it can be!  

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About Joy!

It started with a pencil, twirling dresses and a little bit of magic...

I still remember being a 4th grader in the Philippines, twirling around the factory where my dad worked as a Vice President for a manufacturer that exported children's dresses in Europe, telling myself that one day I will have one of these and I will design as many dresses as I possibly can... That was the day that I knew what I wanted to become a fashion designer.

Little did I know that my dreams will eventually turn into a reality when I finally decided to pursue fashion design after high school. I was turn between becoming a fashion designer, a teacher or an actress. I loved all of these because they all consists of creating and expressing one's self. After taking my first drawing class and sewing class in a community college, I've decided to transfer to FIDM and pursue Fashion Design. 

Since then, I have worked for 8 different companies, had my fair share ups and lots and lots of downs,  12 hour days + working on weekends to push out our latest line +  trying to survive, thrive in the garment industry that I wasn't fully prepared for.

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Aspiring Designers Tribe

Aspiring Designers Tribe is a fun & safe place in the internet where new and upcoming designers, entrepreneurs and boss babes hang out and learn about the ins and outs of the fashion industry.


Our tribe supports dreamers, career changers and new grads interested in pursuing a career in fashion design. In here, you will feel supported, celebrated and guided. You will be meeting new aspiring designers such as yourself and you can grow together and thrive in your design journey. We will be hosting weekly Facebook Lives where Joy will teach a different lesson each week and host challenges. Join us in our Facebook Group now & grow with us! :)

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